Get inspired


“Oriana is a warm person, a good listener. She directed me to a better direction, looking to a brighter side of life”.  Dee, June 2014

“Oriana was helpful, attentive and caring. A lot of thought was given to my situation and a lop of option reviewed. It is nice to have my problems looked at in various way, making it easier to bring things in perspective”.  Ambardeep, January 2014

“Ze heeft me geholpen on inzicht te krijgen in de situatie die gaande was. Daardoor werd het mij duidelijk wat wel of niet te doen. Oriana heft mij altijd een goed gevoel gegeven tijdens de gesprekken”. Nicoleta, Februari 2014

Three musical inspirations

Bill Fay  Be at Peace with Yourself

Theme song The Piano

Penelope Cruz  Volver

Three books to inspire

Viktor Frankl Man’s search for meaning

Antoine de Saint-Exupery  Le petit prince

Kahlil Gibran The prophete

Three inspirational talks

Brené Brown The Power of Vulnerability

Tayie Selasi Don’t ask where I am from, ask where I am a local

Ken Robinson Changing Educational Paradigms