Dutch up your life!

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Newcomer, expat, international or migrant. However you feel and however you call yourself, you get to face your new life in The Netherlands. And it is not always easy. Is it the way the Dutch eat their lunch or celebrate birthdays? Is it the over-use of their diary or the challenges of finding new Dutch friends?

It takes time to find out how things work in The Netherlands. Not only from a practical point of view, but little cultural things and Dutch mentality can be challenging. You often bump into weird or funny “really Dutch” situations that costs you a lot of energy to deal with all of it.

I have lots of international friends who struggle the way you do. And I was myself old enough to remember the challenges my parents had to face moving here, as well as my own challenges. But also young enough to get soaked by Dutch culture and mentality and to make it completely my own. And later on in life I have been exposed to expat and re-pat life, which makes me no stranger to what is means to move countries with your partner or young family.

This is why together with my collegue Jacintha we have developed the workshop series Dutch up your life! I love to help people adjust, thrive and feel at home in their new life in The Netherlands. From practical information, to your Dutch career possibilities, and from intercultural relationship challenges to self-development, please find out more about the workshop series Dutch up your life!

You can find us at http://www.dutchupyourlife.nl