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Mindful Midwinter workshops


I love the month of December. I love all the celebrations, the fuss and the cosiness that comes with it. I love the moments I can create with loved ones, the ornaments, the food, the music, the fun. But there was a time when I felt rushed into doing too much. Buying too many presents, going to too many events and diner parties, eating too much, drinking too much. Everything too much. So much, that there was less and less  time and space to simply…..enjoy.

But wintertime celebrations are so meaningful and full of love! Set around the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, midwinter celebrations bring in light, warmth and togetherness. And you can really start enjoying those moments more in a more mindful and healthier way.

Join this workshop (in English) and take some time for yourself to discover ways of “fasting” in today’s world. Detox your body, renew your mind, make a happier space for enjoying the upcoming winter celebrations. And discover how to make time and space for things that really matter to you.

Please find the details for the workshops in the agenda.


Driving licence to empowerment

Yes, you see it right. I still have an old-fashioned, pink, paper driving licence. And it is a Belgian one too. How come? Well, years ago I was living in Belgium when my bag got stolen during a weekend in Sevilla. I will spare you all the details about how that happened and how the Spanish police guy looked at me in the most pitiful way: “you stupid tourist”. I ended up missing my credit card size Dutch driving licence and getting this little pink old-fashioned booklet. But soon, I have to miss my licence for about two weeks, because I need to get my Dutch one back, and I will not be able to drive around for that period in between. Bugger. The thing is, days in a row I never use the car. But when I want to, or need to, I just do.

This freedom of just driving whenever I need it’s not something I give much thought on a regular base. So why now, besides the fact that I need to change my licence and I find it really hard to plan when it’s the best time to miss my licence for two weeks?

Well, last week I have witnessed how one of my clients  has made the conscious decision that she is going to take driving lessons and get her licence. She already set the date to start. Because she wants to.  Because she realised that having her driving licence she gets steps closes to what she wants. What she really needs. She wants more independence. Being able to take the car whenever she needs to without the help of another driver, usually her husband, or not being limited by public transportation, is getting her just that.  She wants a more equal partnership with her husband, sharing more of the tasks and chores that come along with rasing children. Sharing driving to all sorts of clubs and school stuff gets her more of the kind of partnership she likes. She needs more freedom, to move around, to get closer to forests to hike, to just meet up with friends. She slowly discovers how to meet her needs.

During our sessions my client realised that getting her driving lessons will bring her much more than just the ability to drive. It is a first step towards more independence, equal partnership and freedom. And even more, it empowers her that after the first step, she can take the second, and third, and so on to follow her goals. The feeling of empowerment is the engine in believing in yourself.

When I see someone making a breakthrough my heart make a little jump. Because I know how important it is for any of us to have this moments. Breakthroughs lift a (mostly self-imposed) barrier and lead us to self-development and progress. And yes, sometimes all you need is the decision to go after a little pink driving licence.









Lost posts

Last year I was very busy working more as a recruiter then here, at Oriana’s Three Circles. I kept on coaching and training my clients, but I just didn’t have enough time to work on my blogs and website. But what I still did, I went on blogging about stuff that is dear to me and dear to the world around me. And that was the Delft MaMa community in my town.

In order to not forget what I wrote, and to share it with you too, I am linking to those publications for you to read. Those pieces were fun to write, and I felt happy about contribuiting to this amazing foundation.


Culture matters

Time flyes. I am very busy planning, creating and arranging lots activities. But I am very happy to announce the newest event happening this Thursday.

Culture matters: A look at cultural identity, adaptation and belonging

Thursday, 5th of November, 19:30 at Vrije Academie Gemak in The Hague.
Free entrance.

“Culture Matters” is an interactive and informative talk about culture, identity and the sense of belonging. What is culture and how does it impact our daily life? And when we change the culture we are living in, do we adapt, integrate, assimilate or resist that change? The interplay between adapting and resisting this change makes migration one of the most powerful steps in someone’s life.

“Culture Matters” is part of Spotlight:Romania – A film and photography festival.

The workshop combines a presentation with practical exercises meant to make you aware of your own cultural lens. Questions, cultural anecdotes and remarks are also welcome.

Entrance to the event is free. The event starts at 19:30, but your are welcome earlier for a guided tour of the exhibition.

Spotlight:Romania (3 october- 8 november) is initiated and organized in The Hague by Eastwards in collaboration with Vrije Academie Gemak and De Nieuwe Regentes Theater and with the financial support of Fonds 1818 The Hague.
Due to positive response and many reactions, Spotlight:Romania exposition has been extended until the 28th of November. Check out the full program of Spotlight:Romania here.


I am a little proud. This week “Three Circles” features in the municipality newsletter N@twerk Delft.‘Durf_het_hardop_te_zeggen_’

And the titles says it all: Durf het… Dare to… A long time I had so many ideas in my head, so many dreams, so many projects, so many initiatives. But I kept postponing just doing all of them because I would not dare. I was afraid I was not ready, not good enough, not experienced enough. I kept discouraging myself while so many people around me would react in a very positive way to my ideas and dreams.

Slowly but steady I took the first step. I dared to go and register my firm. Yeah! And then I dared to share the news it with my friends. And then I dared to built a facebook page and a website. And then I dared to present my ideas and my creativity with strangers. And step by step, I gained more confidence in what I am doing. And I feel I am doing well. I feel that I am growing. And I feel that I am inspiring others which makes me feel even stronger about the path taken.

So, now I am a proper Delft entrepreneur. I not only dare to say so, I feel so. I hope you dare to take the next small but significant step in your life. I know you can!


“Dutch up your life”

Sometimes you meet someone and you have this, what we call in Dutch, “click” with someone. So I was with Jacintha from Neo Coaching. It was during a network meeting, we just started talking, had a nice “click” and decided we should meet and talk some more. And after a few fruitful brainstorm sessions we came up with a bunch of amazing workshops.

In October Neo Coaching & Three Circles start the workshop series “Dutch up your life!” specially designed for internationals in the Netherlands.
The workshops are in line with different stages of the expatriate life. From settling into your new home up to defining your life in the Netherlands and into Dutch business culture.

The workshops start in the last week of October. Exact time/dates/location will follow soon!

So….Join in and Dutch up your life!
dutch up your life foto

Dutch up your life

New trainings and workshops for TAOLA

The summer break is over, everybody is back form family visits, mountain climbing or sandy beaches. School has started over here and everything is getting back to the usual weekly rhythm. But I always loved going back to school. As I am now happy going back to work after a summer full of adventures and relaxation.

And there is so much to do. Dana and I have gotten together and planned our next training of “The Art of of Living Abroad” (TAOLA). We are very happy to announce a few dates where you can follow an introductory workshop on TAOLA. So you are very welcome to discover yourself what our training is about. And of course, you can register straight away for the trainings to start soon after.

N.B. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, this training is on hold for a while.  Asap as we’re ready, you will be informed .