What is Oriana’s Three Circles?

Three wishes, third time’s the charm, three sides to every story…  A circle stands for inclusion, wholeness, infinity

Oriana’s Three Circles is about sharing my thoughts, dreams and experiences. It’s about finding the balance and stability we all crave. It’s about health, wisdom and happiness and our place and role in the world around us.

Hi, I’m Oriana

My background is on language studies and communication. I still love linguistics, literature and the complexity of human communication. But years ago life hit me very hard when we lost our second child half way through the pregancy. And with that, we also lost the dream of having more children. I was shattered, broken and depressed. Dealing with the mouring periode I turned to counselling. And there, besides healing, I discovered what I actually knew a long time. I am a people’s person, I love people, I connect with them and I help and inspire.

So I went to study coaching and counselling and I’ve become a coach and counsellor. With my international backround and experience I coach mainly people with an international background and train in cross-cultural communication.

But during this journey I had to deal myself with low immune system, lack of energy, hypothyroidism, fluctuating body weight, a cloudy mind, episodes of insomnia,  juggling work and a family, a social life and house keeping and never enough energy to feel in balance. So after another week in bed with suvere flu, I started researching what I can do for myself to feel… like myself again.

Slowly but steady I got to know my body, mind and soul better.  The world that I am a part of, that I am influenced by. And fully aware of my impact into the world around me.

And now I am challenging you too. Not to become vegan or paleo, a jogger or an artist, a to-do-list maker or an improviser . I am challanging you to get to know yourself better, to care and take care of you and to find out what suits you, what makes you healthier, wiser and happier.

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