About me

My name is Oriana van der Sande-Semenciuc and I am a coach, counsellor and trainer for people with an international background and international companies.
Born in Romania, I moved to The Netherlands at the age of 13. I continued school here, I got a Master of Arts in Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam, moved abroad twice more with my own family and returned to The Netherlands. I have learned from experiencing the challenges of migration and expat life. Being exposed to change and adaptation, bilingualism and multiculturalism, I am fascinated about the effects culture has on our daily life, and the resilience we have as humans. After working as a communication officer, the road naturally took me to becoming a counsellor, coach and trainer in intercultural communication and resilience.

Three circles

People, culture and communication are my passion. This is why I started “Three Circles”. I like to inspire people who go through life changes and get them empowered by their own cultural backgrounds and skills. I help them to discover their strength and from there to make the better choices in life. I love giving trainings and raise the awareness on how culture influences our life and perspectives.
“Three Circles” was chosen with a meaning. Find out more about the meaning of “Three Circles” here.

Dutch up your life!

I love to help people adjust, thrive and feel at home in their new life in The Netherlands. Please find out more about the workshop series Dutch up your life!  my colleague Jacintha and I have developed. You can find more information here.

My working languages are English, Dutch, Romanian and French.