Culture matters

Time flyes. I am very busy planning, creating and arranging lots activities. But I am very happy to announce the newest event happening this Thursday.

Culture matters: A look at cultural identity, adaptation and belonging

Thursday, 5th of November, 19:30 at Vrije Academie Gemak in The Hague.
Free entrance.

“Culture Matters” is an interactive and informative talk about culture, identity and the sense of belonging. What is culture and how does it impact our daily life? And when we change the culture we are living in, do we adapt, integrate, assimilate or resist that change? The interplay between adapting and resisting this change makes migration one of the most powerful steps in someone’s life.

“Culture Matters” is part of Spotlight:Romania – A film and photography festival.

The workshop combines a presentation with practical exercises meant to make you aware of your own cultural lens. Questions, cultural anecdotes and remarks are also welcome.

Entrance to the event is free. The event starts at 19:30, but your are welcome earlier for a guided tour of the exhibition.

Spotlight:Romania (3 october- 8 november) is initiated and organized in The Hague by Eastwards in collaboration with Vrije Academie Gemak and De Nieuwe Regentes Theater and with the financial support of Fonds 1818 The Hague.
Due to positive response and many reactions, Spotlight:Romania exposition has been extended until the 28th of November. Check out the full program of Spotlight:Romania here.


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